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-  2018 


DOI: 10.11951/j.issn.1005-0299.20170028

Keywords: 磁畴壁,畴壁电阻,畴壁运动,磁性纳米

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磁畴壁运动是实现信息高速存储的新途径,而畴壁调控领域的研究目前尚不全面.探索磁场、电流及其他物理场对磁畴壁的作用,在理论与实际应用方面均具有重要意义.本文简述了近年来磁畴壁的自旋结构、磁畴壁电阻及磁畴壁动力学的若干研究进展,阐述了磁畴壁研究的主要方向、方法以及重要性, 分析了形状结构对畴壁类型的影响和各种外场对畴壁运动的调控,提出了通过对磁畴壁的精确操控,可实现信息存储.展望了利用外场调控磁畴壁,为信息读写或逻辑控制提供新途径,在未来信息存储领域具有潜在的应用价值.
The magnetic domain wall is a new way for informational access. However, there exist some instabilities for the control of domain wall. Therefore, research of the effects of magnetic field, current and other physical field on the magnetic domain wall is important for both theory and application in the field of spintronics. This paper has briefly reviewed the research progress in the spin structure of domain wall, domain wall resistance and domain-wall dynamics in recent years. The main directions, approaches and the importance of the magnetic domain wall have been expounded. By analyzing the influence of the shape structure on the domain wall type and the control of various fields on the domain wall motion the precise manipulation of magnetic domain wall is proposed to storage information. Those results indicate that controlling the domain wall by fields can provide a new route for reading/writing information and logical operation, which makes it great potentials in the application of future informational storage device.


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