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Exploration on the Construction of Applied Computer Specialty Curriculum System

DOI: 10.4236/ce.2018.911123, PP. 1697-1705

Keywords: Applied Talents, Computer Software, Course System, School-Enterprise Cooperation

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In view of the problems existing in the traditional professional curriculum system at colleges and universities to cultivate applied undergraduate talents in computer software, this paper, following the concept of “demand-oriented, ability as the core, integration of science and engineering as well as theories and application” and on the basis of deep school-enterprise cooperation, integration of industry and teaching, proposes the “four-connection” professional curriculum system to cultivate applied undergraduate software talents: connecting ability cultivation with the demands for software positions, connecting the curriculum contents with software standard, connecting teaching with development, and connecting incubation projects with the industrial market. And this paper also proposes four measures to guarantee the construction of school-enterprise cooperation: the supporting platform, teaching team, teaching resources and quality guarantee system.


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