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Research on the Innovation of Employment Guidance in Universities under the Integrate Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education Background
—Based on the Survey of Universities in North Henan

DOI: 10.4236/ce.2017.815170, PP. 2476-2484

Keywords: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education, Employment Guidance, Innovation, Strategy

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The background of “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” education puts forward higher requirements for employment guidance in colleges and universities. This paper investigates the current status of employment guidance in Local Universities in North Henan by questionnaire and interview. It indicates that several problems exist in the content and method, ideas and team of university employment guidance. Therefore, on the base of investigation, practice and rethink, this article summarizes?and drawson the experiences of employment guide, and puts?forward the innovational suggestions and strategies of employment guide in domestic colleges and universities. Employment guidance will be better by constructing a diversified employment guidance platform, enriching the contents and methods of employment guidance, building high-quality of instructors and establishing employment guidance ideas form government, enterprises and colleges.


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