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Research on Skill Testing Standard of Marketing Major of Wuhan City Vocational College

DOI: 10.4236/ce.2017.82017, PP. 202-209

Keywords: Higher Vocational Colleges, Marketing Major, Skill Testing Standard

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Higher vocational education scale expands rapidly in the recent years, followed by the contradiction between expansion scale and education quality, which has become increasingly prominent nowadays. In order to improve the teaching quality, the most important is to improve daily teaching activity of the harmonious combination of teaching quality monitoring and evaluation system, which focuses on the teaching quality in higher vocational colleges through monitoring and the objective requirement of the long-term quality assurance mechanism. Based on investigation and analysis of present situation, analysis of professional practice skill testing of students majoring in marketing of Wuhan City Vocational College, we develop skill-testing standard in the hope of improving students’ marketing professional skills in future.


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