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Impact of Wind Energy System Integration on the Al-Zawiya Refinery Electric Grid in Libya

DOI: 10.4236/jpee.2016.49002, PP. 11-20

Keywords: Libya, Renewable Energy, Wind Speed, Al-Zawea Refinery, Weibull Model, Smart Grid, Distributed Generation

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Libya is an oil exporting country located in the middle of the North Africa. Exporting oil is the major income resource for the economics of the country. Al-Zawea refinery is one of the oil refineries in Libya. It is the largest refinery in the region. The refinery located in the Mediterranean coast. Electricity is the main sector in the refinery to produce and export oil. This paper discusses the possibility of the penetration of the renewable energy (wind) generated electricity into the refinery power system. Although, renewable energy application in Libya was started in the middle of the seventies, it has still not found its way into industry sector. This study proposes the possible impacts of renewable (wind) energy system integration on the Al-Zawea refinery electric grid to satisfy the refinery load demand.


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