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Mathematics  2015 

Decentralized Event-Triggered Consensus over Unreliable Communication Networks

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This article studies distributed event-triggered consensus over unreliable communication channels. Communication is unreliable in the sense that the broadcast channel from one agent to its neighbors can drop the event-triggered packets of information, where the transmitting agent is unaware that the packet was not received and the receiving agents have no knowledge of the transmitted packet. Additionally, packets that successfully arrive at their destination may suffer from time-varying communication delays. In this paper, we consider directed graphs, and we also relax the consistency on the packet dropouts and the delays. Relaxing consistency means that the delays and dropouts for a packet broadcast by one agent can be different for each receiving node. We show that even under this challenging scenario, agents can reach consensus asymptotically while reducing transmissions of measurements based on the proposed event-triggered consensus protocol. In addition, positive inter-event times are obtained which guarantee that Zeno behavior does not occur.


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