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Mathematics  2010 

A glimpse inside the mathematical kitchen

DOI: 10.7153/jmi-05-30

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We prove the inequality sum_{k=1}^infty (-1)^{k+1} r^k cos(k*phi) (k+2)^{-1} < sum_{k=1}^infty(-1)^{k+1} r^k (k+2)^{-1} for 0 < r <= 1 and 0 < phi < pi. For the case r = 1 we give two proofs. The first one is by means of a general numerical technique (maximal slope principle) for proving inequalities between elementary functions. The second proof is fully analytical. Finally we prove a general rearrangement theorem and apply it to the remaining case 0 < r < 1. Some of these inequalities are needed for obtaining general sharp bounds for the errors committed when applying the Riemann-Siegel expansion of Riemann's zeta function.


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