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Physics  2013 

Flavored pions and kaons at next-to-leading order in mixed-action staggered chiral perturbation theory

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Different versions of improved staggered fermions can be used as valence quarks to reduce discretization effects in lattice QCD calculations while increasing statistics on existing staggered gauge ensembles. Such mixed-action simulations can be used to improve determinations of light quark masses, Gasser-Leutwyler couplings, decay constants, and other parameters relevant to particle phenomenology. We recall the generalization of ordinary, unmixed staggered chiral perturbation theory required to describe data from lattice calculations with a mixed action such as with HYP staggered valence quarks and asqtad sea quarks. We calculate the next-to-leading order loop diagrams contributing to the masses and decay constants of the flavored pseudo-Goldstone bosons of all tastes and here report results for the decay constants and valence-valence masses.


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