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Physics  2010 

Particle asymmetries in the early universe

DOI: 10.1016/j.ppnp.2011.01.010

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The total lepton asymmetry $l=\sum_f l_f$ in our universe is only poorly constrained by theories and experiments. It might be orders of magnitudes larger than the observed baryon asymmetry $b\simeq {\cal O}(10^{-10})$, $|l|/b \leq {\cal O}(10^{9})$. We found that the dynamics of the cosmic QCD transition changes for large asymmetries. Predictions for asymmetries in a single flavour $l_f$ allow even larger values. We find that asymmetries of $l_f\leq {\cal O}(1)$ in a single or two flavours change the relic abundance of WIMPs. However, large lepton and large individual lepton flavour asymmetries influences significantly the dynamics of the early universe.


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