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Physics  2011 

Umbral Dynamics in the Near Infrared Continuum

DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/736/2/79

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We detected peaks of oscillatory power at 3 and ~6.5 minutes in the umbra of the central sunspot of the active region NOAA AR 10707 in data obtained in the near infrared (NIR) continuum at 1565.7 nm. The NIR dataset captured umbral dynamics around 50 km below the photospheric level. The umbra does not oscillate as a whole, but rather in distinct parts that are distributed over the umbral surface. The most powerful oscillations, close to a period of ~ 6.5, do not propagate upward. We noted a plethora of large umbral dots that persisted for more than 30 minutes and stayed in the same locations. The peaks of oscillatory power above the detected umbral dots are located at 3 and 5 minutes oscillations, but are very weak in comparison with the oscillations of ~ 6.5 minutes.


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