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Physics  2013 

An Analytical Approach to Scattering Between Two Thin Magnetic Flux Tubes in a Stratified Atmosphere

DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/781/2/125

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We expand on recent studies to analytically model the behavior of two thin flux tubes interacting through the near- and acoustic far-field. The multiple scattering that occurs between the pair alters the absorption and phase of the outgoing wave, when compared to non-interacting tubes. We have included both the sausage and kink scatter produced by the pair. It is shown that the sausage mode's contribution to the scattered wave field is significant, and plays an equally important role in the multiple scattering regime. A disparity between recent numerical results and analytical studies, in particular the lack of symmetry between the two kink modes, is addressed. This symmetry break is found to be caused by an incorrect solution for the near-field modes.


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