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Physics  2015 

Searches for sterile neutrinos using the T2K off-axis near detector

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In the last decades, the results from a number of short-baseline neutrino experiments and the reanalysis of previous reactor experiments with updated antineutrino fluxes suggest some incompatibility with the standard three-neutrino model. A possible solution to these anomalies is the existence of neutrinos that do not interact via the electroweak force, known as sterile neutrinos. The existence of sterile neutrinos can be investigated with the T2K Experiment. Here we present a search for the disappearance of electron neutrinos over a baseline of 280 m using the T2K off-axis near detector. The data analysed corresponds to an exposure of $5.9 \times 10^{20}$ protons on target. The region $\sin^2 2 \theta > 0.2$ and $\Delta m^2 > 8~\textrm{eV}^2$ is excluded at 95% CL. We also present an introduction to a new analysis looking for muon neutrino disappearance with the T2K near detector, which is in its early stages but promises to have interesting results in 2015.


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