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Physics  1999 

Three-family oscillations using neutrinos from muon beams at very long baseline

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The planned LBL experiments will be able to prove the hypothesis of flavor oscillation between muon and tau neutrinos. We explore the possibility of a second generation long baseline experiment at very long baseline, i.e. L in the range 5000-7000 km. This distance requires intense neutrino beams that could be available from very intense muon beams as those needed for $\mu$ colliders. Such baselines allow the study of neutrino oscillations with $E/L \approx 2\times 10^{-3} eV^2$ with neutrinos of energy $E_\nu \approx 10 GeV$, i.e. above tau threshold. Moreover, matter effects inside the Earth could lead to observable effects in $\nu_e \to \nu_\mu$ oscillations. These effects are interchanged between neutrinos and antineutrinos, and therefore they can be tested by comparing the oscillated spectra obtained running the storage ring with positive and negative muons.


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