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Physics  1997 

Operator Manifold Approach to Geometry and Particle Physics

DOI: 10.1007/BF00645224

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The question that guides our discussion is how did the geometry and particles come into being. The present theory reveals primordial deeper structures underlying fundamental concepts of contemporary physics. We begin with a drastic revision of a role of local internal symmetries in physical concept of curved geometry. A standard gauge principle of local internal symmetries is generalized. The gravitation gauge group is proposed, which is generated by hidden local internal symmetries. Last two parts address to the question of physical origin of geometry and basic concepts of particle physics such as the fields of quarks with the spins and various quantum numbers, internal symmetries and so forth; also four basic principles of Relativity, Quantum, Gauge and Color Confinement, which are, as it was proven, all derivative and come into being simultaneously. The most promising aspect of our approach so far is the fact that many of the important anticipated properties, basic concepts and principles of particle physics are appeared quite naturally in the framework of suggested theory.


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