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Physics  2002 

Ballistic matter waves with angular momentum: Exact solutions and applications

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.67.043601

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An alternative description of quantum scattering processes rests on inhomogeneous terms amended to the Schroedinger equation. We detail the structure of sources that give rise to multipole scattering waves of definite angular momentum, and introduce pointlike multipole sources as their limiting case. Partial wave theory is recovered for freely propagating particles. We obtain novel results for ballistic scattering in an external uniform force field, where we provide analytical solutions for both the scattering waves and the integrated particle flux. Our theory directly applies to p-wave photodetachment in an electric field. Furthermore, illustrating the effects of extended sources, we predict some properties of vortex-bearing atom laser beams outcoupled from a rotating Bose-Einstein condensate under the influence of gravity.


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