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Discussion on the Construction of Guangyuan Olea Europaea Linn Industry

DOI: 10.12677/WJF.2014.32002, PP. 5-9

Keywords: 油橄榄,建设,探讨
Olea Europaea Linn
, Construction, Investigation

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广元市依托退耕还林工程建设6666.6 hm2油橄榄基地,以形成油橄榄产业化,这对减少嘉陵江上游水土流失,改善生态环境,促进地方经济发展和农民增收具有重要意义。但是广元市油橄榄产业化建设还处于初始阶段,没有现存的经验,还存在一些群众对发展油橄榄认识不清积极性不高,产业化经营模式单一,基地建设科学技术运用差,栽植后管理粗放不到位等问题。笔者通过深入研究提出了采用社区参与性方法提高农民认识,产业化经营采用联户、个体承包、股份合作等多种模式,基地建设必须充分依靠科学技术,调动各方面积极性将油橄榄产业培育成广元的龙头企业作一些粗浅看法。
Based on the returning land for farming to forestry project, Guangyuan government generates a 6666.6 hm2 Olea europaea Linn base, to form the Olea europaea Linn oil industry. It has an important significance to reduce soil erosion of the upper reaches of Jialing River and improve the ecological environment, which can promote the development of local economy. However, Guangyuan Olea europaea Linn oil industry is in the initial stage, which has no existing experience. The local people know little about the Olea europaea Linn oil and show less enthusiasm. There are some disadvantages in the construction process, such as, single operation mode, inadequate application of science and technology, ineffective management after planting. The author uses in-depth study to solve the problems. Community participation method can be used to raise the farmers’ awareness. Industrialization model uses various modes, such as, household or individual contract, joint- stock cooperation, with science and technology fully applied, which can mobilize the enthusiasm and make the Olea europaea Linn industry become the leading enterprise in Guangyuan.


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