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Effects of Violent and Non-violent Computer Video Games on Explicit and Implicit Aggression

DOI: 10.4304/jsw.5.9.1014-1021

Keywords: Violent Video Game , Competition , Cooperation , Aggressive Behavior , Aggressive Cognition

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The effect of violent media on aggression has always been highly concerned by the public. The effect of violent video game has been studied by researchers for many years, while how the interaction (competition and cooperation) work during video game play is still little known. In present study, the effect of non-violent video games on aggression was tested by experimental design. Participants were assigned to 6 groups to play a violent video game or a nonviolent video game, and he or she played competitively or cooperatively with another participant, or played the game alone. Competitive Reaction Time Task was used to test aggressive behavior. EAST task and SHS scale were used to test aggressive cognition and affect. The results indicated both violent content and competition can arouse aggressive cognition and aggressive behavior. Only violent content can arouse


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