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Emotionally Strangulated Relationships in Dattani's Thirty Days in September

Keywords: Mother-daughter relationship , incest , child sexual abuse , molester , pain , metamorphosis , healing mechanism

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In the present paper Dattani brings home the horrors of a very identifiable mother-daughter relationship. It is the first Indian English Drama on ‘incest’ or ‘child sexual abuse’. Mala, the daughter, is molested by her maternal uncle, Vinay. Whenever she endeavored to tell her mother, Shanta,she would stuff her with her favorite alu-parathas or rushed to her Lord Krishna to take support from Him. This estranged their relationship more and more. She always preferred escapism to fulfilling her daughter’s emotional expectation of giving her strength. Mala blames her mother for the painful life she is living. She feels that only her mother could help her to prevent her agony. At last, the horrid truth comes out by the mother in front of Mala’s molester. She reveals that she too had been molested by the same person, Vinay, her real brother, for ten long years. Her tongue was cut off and had fallen down. When she could not save herself how could she save Mala? The sky falls on Mala. She apprehends the meaning of silence now. The mother-daughter relation is entirely metamorphosed now sharing their emotional, psychological, physical and social effect of child sex abuse. Thus, Dattani applies the healing mechanism.


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