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Research on the Relationship Between Coping Style and Psychological Health of Self-Study Examination Students in Chongqing

Keywords: self-study examination sutdents , mental health , coping style

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To explore the mental health state of self-study examination students in Chongqing, and their features of coping style and mental health level in their lash-up situations and the relationship between them, so as to give a basis for psychologically healthy education on these students. About 300 self-study examination students were investigated by Coping Style Questionnaire(CSQ) and Symptom Checklist 90 (SCL-90). Results showed that the each level on SCL-90 for these students was significant higher than the corresponding one of country wide normal model, especially in interpersonal sensitivity and obsessive-compulsive and hostility; the selectivity of these students for coping style has a selective correlation with various factors of SCL-90. The coping style of self-blame and avoidance was adopted by the students with the personality of obsessive and depression and anxiety and paranoia, but the coping style of illusion and avoidance was adopted by ones with the personality of interpersonal sensitivity. Results also indicated that the total mental health state of self-study exmination students in Chongqing is not optimistic. So it's very necessary for paying a special attention to the grown-up personality of self-study examination students.


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