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Uzaktan E itim Sisteminde S nav Hizmetleri ve Kitaplar n Da t m nda Sa lanan Lojistik Destek ve Anadolu üniversitesi rne i

Keywords: Logistics Support , Distribution , Distance Education , Survey

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Although logistics is known to play an important role in many sectors, its place in educational systems has not been examinedin detail yet. It is true that education and learning activities require large scale and effective organizations, and logistics play animportant role in this organization. As for distance education programs, such a logistic support is crucial for the sustainability ofthe system due to the lack of face to face education and interaction.When the system is evaluated in terms of logistics, multiple choice tests administered across the country are known to requirea well-designed and effective logistic support. The exams in the system are administered three times a year in four sessions in 81cities, 7213 buildings, 118.610 classrooms by 315.325 people officially assigned for this organization.As for the distribution of exam documents across the country, 29 distribution routes are determined, twenty seven of whichuse land transportation and the other two a combination of land and air transportation. Some of the cities located on these routesare determined as “transfer centers”. The exams for the students living in Western Europe are administered through thecollaboration with educational consultancies and attachés located in six countries and twelve centers.The course books are a significant component of the system and they are distributed via a well-organized system. In 2009-2010 academic year, a total of 5.5 million copies of 382 different course books were published. To ensure an effective distributionof these course books, a distribution plan are prepared in which outsourcing is used for shipping, and the shipping companyfollow the distribution route according to a predetermined time schedule.The attitudes of students towards distribution services for exam documents and course books are one of the best criteria toassess the success of the system. Considering this situation, the researcher prepared a survey and administered it to 1359 studentsand the data obtained were analyzed statistically.The survey is composed of two parts. The first part involves questions to obtain demographic data from the subjects and thesecond part the items to determine logistic service satisfaction level of the subjects.Through the analyses of the findings from the survey, the relationship between demographic variables and exam documentsand the points showing students’ attitudes towards course books distribution services were searched.The results of the survey show that the students enrolled in open and distance education system are generally satisfied withlo


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