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Timeserving Routing Protocol Implementation to accomplish best throughput and fairness

Keywords: TIMESERVING ROUTING PROTOCOL , pivotal time serving routing protocol

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The latest technology for next generation Wireless networking is Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs), with low cost and easy deploying. The WMNs are desirable for communication paradigm. The WMNs are more advantageous over other wireless networks. The existing routing protocols which transmits the traffic through pre-determined path which don’t provide security. This paper proposes a routing protocol called simplistic constructive routing protocol (SPRP) which supports multiple flows in wireless mesh networks. There are four major components in the SPRP which provides fairness and high throughput: 1) To minimize the multiple data transmissions Constructive forwarding path selection to provide multiple paths while minimizing duplicate transmissions, 2) Constructive rate control to determine an appropriate transfer rate according to the current network conditions. 3) Inter node loss recovery to efficiently find and resend lost packets, and 4) clock-based forwarding to let only the priority node to forward the traffic. Our result shows that SPRP significantly performs existing routing and a pivotal time serving routing protocol.


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