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Correlation among SDS Sedimentation Value, Swelling Index of Glutenin and Solvent Retention Capacity of Spring Wheat

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The determination of flour end-use quality of progenies is a routine process in high-quality wheat breeding program. Traditional determination involves larger amount of flour and specific instruments, meanwhile, is expensive and time-consuming. A rapid and accurate method which could predict the quality of early generation wheat lines is in high demand in the wheat breeding program. Clarifying the relationships among different prediction indexes is the prerequisite for devising a new prediction method screening the high-quality progenies. This study aimed to clarify the correlations between SDS sedimentation value, SIG and SRCs for both wholemeal flour and flour, as well as to study which parameter could be applied to predict the flour quality of spring wheat rapidly and conveniently. The result of the study showed that WSRC correlated significantly with all the parameters determined, the four different SRCs varied significantly between hard wheat and soft wheat, while SDS sedimentation value and SIG showed no significant difference between hard wheat and soft wheat. SRC test may provide a convenient method for predicting the quality of early generation wheat lines in wheat breeding.


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