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Nasal tip narrowing: Minimally invasive suture technique for thick nose tip

Keywords: rhinoplasty , nasal cartilage , suture techniques , minimally invasive surgical procedures.

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Introduction: Suture techniques are mandatory methods to shape the nasal cartilages. For purposes of achieving a better contour on thick or globose nasal tips, the authors have approached a controlled intercrural and minimally invasive suture technique and the results obtained by submitting 34 patients to rhinoplasty. Objective: Illustrate the intercrural suture technique as a treatment for a thick or globose nasal tip under closed rhinoplasty and explain the esthetical results. Method: Retrospective study with 34 patients' clinical documents and photographs (5 male and 20 female) aged between 16 and 52, who were submitted to the thick or globose nasal tip rhinoplasty as an anatomic element found in the physical examination. In all the cases, closed rhinoplasty technique was used. A suture that cannot be absorbed is performed throughout the intermediate process. The study was performed at the Brazilian Red Cross Hospital in the State of Paraná and Sugisawa Hospital in 2009 and 2010. Patients were operated on by the main author and the junior doctors under training. Results: The controlled intercrural suture enabled the nasal tip to be narrowed and improved the shape in the frontal and lateral angles of the nasal tip. Conclusion: Controlled intercrural suture is a minimally invasive method providing the thick nasal tip narrowing with satisfactory results.


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