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Büyük Sel uklu Sultanlar ile Abbas Halifelerinin li kileri///The Relations Between the Seljuk Sultans and the Abbasid Caliphs

Keywords: Seljuk Empire , Abbasid Empire , Caliphate , Buyid Dynasty

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Abbasid Empire (750-1258) was one of the long lasting empires in Islamic history. Although the political existence of the empire lasted five centuries, its political influence did not last that long and it fell under the control of different political powers. While the Abbasid caliphs lost their political authority, especially under the rule of Shiite Buyid dynasty, the fact that every new Muslim state dependent on the recognition of Abbasid caliphs for Islamic legitimacy helped the Abbasids to preserve their nominal prominence. The Seljuk Empire emerged at a time when the Abbasids sought to escape from the Shiite dominance of the Buyid dynasty, and when the Seljuks were in search of Islamic legitimacy. Abbasid-Seljuk relations, which started during the reign of Seljuk founder Tugrul Bey and lasted until the reign of last Seljuk sultan Sencer, created a status quo in which the Abbasid caliphs held religious authority while the Seljuks held the political power


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