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Gelenek ve Gelecek Aras nda S k an Bir Tarihi Kent: B TL S/// A H stor cal City Caught Between Tradition and Future: Bitlis

Keywords: historical city , urban fabric , residence , architecture , conservation

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Bitlis is one of the historical cities in Anatolia. In parallel to the process the city experienced in the past, Bitlis has a rich cultural potential. The fact that original historical fabric of the city is used from the time is it was established, causes the changing lifestyle outgrow within this fabric and points to some problems in transfer of the exiting fabric to the future by protecting the past fabric. Despite the problems experienced, the value of the existing cultural legacy of the city should be immediately understood. There are many multifaceted negative factors that deteriorate and destroy the fabric of the city. It should be believed that Bitlis can reach the standards of modern life without damaging the fabric of the city. Negative factors should be identified and correctly analyzed, the properties that survived until today should be correctly transferred to the future.


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