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Keywords: multiple narrations , polyphony , characterization , Milan Kundera.

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Many reviewers and critics have noticeably referred to various techniques of multiple narration and polyphonic composition as major structural devices in The Joke. It is believed that Milan Kundera, on one hand uses the technique multiple narration to implement his major themes, and on the other hand, inserts the polyphony of music into the realm of his novel. As a matter of fact, for Kundera the narrative structure of The Joke resembles much to that of a musical note. While each note contains uniqueness on its own, it combines and accords with other notes to produce a coherent whole. Kundera gives unity and consistency to his novel through implementing a web of individual yet interconnected narrators/characters that best perform their duties in both narration and presentation. This multi-perspectival narrative style helps the writer to put in the picture the intended themes of the story through a polyphonic narrative.


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