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Keywords: Community participation , Economic Development , Local Development , Good Governance

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Can public participation and public assets management can be enhanced with decentralization initiatives in country. World Bank and other donor agencies appreciating as well as promoting Community based development for sustainable development. New good governance practices have taken initiatives to involve citizen in decision making process for public asset management, aim to wider the citizen representation in society because consumer need base development is more preferred than politically imposed development. This paper addresses the external factors which segregate the citizen involvement in development. To test the claim that decentralization and good governance may be widening the horizon of citizen participation, this paper uses the case study of Citizen Community Boards (CCB’s) in Pakistan. Results shows that the segregating factors resist the community empowerment. The current system fails to address the basic needs of local community. Involvement of minorities may improve the situation, if these groups are provided an opportunity to participate in decision making. Recommendation provided to policy makers to lessen the political intervention and elite community members for true participation of local citizen


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