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Finite volume effects and dynamical chiral symmetry breaking in QED3

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.79.064513

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We investigate the impact of finite volume effects on the critical number of flavours, N_f^c, for chiral symmetry restoration in QED3. To this end we solve a set of coupled Dyson-Schwinger equations on a torus. For order parameters such as the anomalous dimension of the fermion wave function or the chiral condensate we find substantial evidence for a large dependence on the volume. We observe a shift in N_f^c from values in the range of 3.61 \le N_f^c \le 3.84 in the infinite volume/continuum limit down to values below N_f \le 1.5 at finite volumes in agreement with earlier results of Gusynin and Reenders in a simpler truncation scheme. These findings explain discrepancies in N_f^c between continuum and lattice studies.


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