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Experimental study of bio-oil gasification with steam

Keywords: bio-oil,steam gasification,syngas,fixed-bed

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The experiment on the non-catalytic steam gasification of bio-oil was carried out in a lab-scale fixed bed reactor.The influence of operating parameters such as the temperature and the mol ratio of steam to carbon(S/C) on the gas yield and composition was investigated.The results show that increasing temperature can enhance the conversion of bio-oil to syngas;the carbon conversion of bio-oil can be as high as 97.8% at 1 200 ℃,and the proportion of effective gas component(H2+CO) in the product gas is nearly 77% with a mol ratio of H2/CO=1.19.The mol ratio of H2/CO increases with an increase of S/C mol ratio,and reaches up to 3.69 at S/C=4.However,the addition of steam does not favor the increase of the composition of effective syngas.The product gas from steam gasification has a medium heating value.


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