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Simulation on effect of poloidal power spectrum on lower hybrid wave propagation

Keywords: simulation,lower hybrid wave,poloidal wave vector,wave coupling

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The coupling of lower hybrid wave to the plasma is a crucial issue for efficient current drive in tokamaks. This paper establishes a new coupling model which assumes the antenna to be a curved face and the plasma to be a cylinder. Power spectrum considering the coupling between wave-guides in both poloidal and toroidal direction is simply estimated and discussed. The effect of the poloidal wave vector on wave propagation, power deposition and driven current is also investigated with the help of lower hybrid current drive code. Results show that the poloidal wave vector affects the ray tracing, and also has effect on power deposition and driven current. The effect of the poloidal wave vector on power deposition and driven current profile depends on plasma parameters. Preliminary studies suggest that it seems possible to control the current profile by adjusting the poloidal phase difference between the waveguide in poloidal direction.


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