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生态学报  2009 

The emergy analysis of the eco\|economy system in typical farming and grazing households in Mu Us sandland

Keywords: emergy analysis,eco\|economy systems of farming and grazing households,Mu Us sandland,zones with different industrial models

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As the most basic production unit, eco\|economy systems of farming and grazing households are of significance to the implementation and outcome of national policies. In this paper, eco\|economy systems of farming and grazing households, in Mu Us sandland acrossing Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Shaanxi Province,were studied by emergy theory and emergy analysis methods. The emergy input and output structure of different industrial models in Wushen banner, where grazing is dominant, and Yuyang district, where farming is the case, have been compared and analyzed. The total characteristics of pattern and development of typical eco\|economy systems of farming and grazing households are described and compared quantitatively by net emergy output ratio, emergy investment ratio, environmental loading ability, emergy power density, productivity of unit acreage, emergy cost per capita, emergy possession per capita, system production priority, system stability index and sustainability index. We hope our study could help to provide strategies for development and optimization of farming and grazing household industrial models in farming\|dominant zones and grazing\|dominant zones of Mu Us sandland.


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