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The Community Participatory in Solid Waste Management in Khongchai Pattana Municipality Khongchai District Kalasin Province, Thailand

DOI: 10.3923/sscience.2012.303.307

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This study was a research and development study, aimed to develop the learning process and improve the participation in community waste management in Khongchai Pattana municipality, Kalasin province. The samples comprised 92 households selected through a simple random-sampling method. This study trailed participatory action research as a method for community participation in waste management, conducted under four participatory frameworks including decision making, practice, benefit gaining and evaluation. The research instruments included questionnaires, group discussions organization and community meetings and observation. The data was analyzed by mean , Standard Deviation (SD) and t-test. The results showed that the learning process and the participation in community waste management of the participants before and after training, each was different after training the participation significantly increased (p<0.05) and the learning process in terms of knowledge, attitude and practice in solid waste management also showed a significant increase (p<0.05). After the training program, the quantity of solid waste which significantly less than before training (p<0.05). Factors that contributed to the improvement of participatory action and the learning process were having a strong community leading team, access to information, social interaction morale of a group as well as social networking. Other factors that interfered with the development of the participation and the learning process were such as personnel limits and budget.


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