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Industrial Automation in Ghanaian Industries (The Case of Kumasi Metropolis)

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This study looked at Industrial Automation in Ghanaian Industries using the Kumasi Metropolis as a case study. It was aimed at investigating the various types of industries in the metropolis in terms of operational conditions. Evaluating which ones was Manually Operated, Computer- Aided, Semi-Automated or Fully Automated. And also evaluate the effects of Automation on the companies that are automated and finding out ways of improving the manually operated companies. This was achieved by the administration of questionnaires to ten companies in the metropolis. All the information was compiled and the necessary deductions were made. It was however realized from the research that Ghana need a lot of improvement in the area of automation since about 70%of the companies were manually operated, about 20% used semi-automated process and only about 10% are fully automated. Therefore it can be concluded that the companies in Ghana were not enjoying the benefits of automation such as reduction in scrap, reduced labour cost etc. as witnessed in advanced countries. Hence the clarion call in this study that Manufacturing Industries in Ghana should embrace automation so as to enjoy the benefits of automation to its fullest as witnessed in the developed countries of the world.


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