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El personaje periodístico, ?efecto de realidad o modelo de conducta? análisis de discurso de la sección las voces de la otra Colombia publicada por el diario El Tiempo

Keywords: mass media, information, personaje periodístico, narration.

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this article is based on the series the voice of the other colombia published in el tiempo journal, which proposes an analysis that illustrates current trends of information dissemination through stories and narrations. the analysis observes this trend through narrative theory focusing in what is referred to as “personaje periodístico”. various studies have highlighted that the dissemination of information through the use of narrations created around a main character, are useful to reinforce the “reality effect” of a text. our objective was that of identifying the common characteristics of the nine characters that were used in the series under analysis. the results show that the journal tends to prefer a “model” for its characters: man, 40 years of age, with low income, from a disadvantaged region in the country, and that is in constant contact with violence and / or poverty. each character would then decide to “get out of this situation by himself ”.


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