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A rela??o entre a precariza??o do ambiente físico e o risco de infec??o hospitalar: um olhar sob a perspectiva da ética, dos direitos e da cidadania

DOI: 10.1590/S0104-07072004000500002

Keywords: nursing, hospital infection, right to health, ethics.

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we tried to analyze the relation between the precariousness of the physical environment and the increase in the risk for hospital infection in a public health institution, having as a theoretical horizon, some implications in relation to ethical, rights and citizenship aspects. the data was obtained through a systematic observation form for physical space. data interpretation was conducted in a qualitative manner, based on some guidelines and norms for hospital institutions laid out by the health ministry. the conclusions point to the fact that the more fragile the status of a group within the hospital, the more susceptible it is to have its space become precarious and, consequently, have increased risk for infections, due to this state of precariousness. but we understand that the sensibility of the technical team and of the most vulnerable group is possible, represented by clients of these services, increasing its potential for analyses and intervention in the questions here pointed out and, up to now, very seldom considered as problems


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