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Da cosmologia à geografia: o curso de geografia física de Imannuel Kant e a constru??o metafísica da superfície da terra

DOI: 10.1590/S1982-45132009000300002

Keywords: kantian philosophy, physical geography, methaphysic, space, mind, nature.

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the present article argues that the course of physical geography of imannuel kant is the product of a philosophical and rise cosmological reflection from the problem in if establish the nature regularity differentiated and regulated by mechanical and causal foundations. starting from philosophical problems related the thesis developed in the criticism of the pure reason, of the criticisms come upon of naturalists and about its concept universally conception of nature and of space, kant is grateful to review its philosophical position, that only will happen starting from a profound examine of the metaphysics concepts, matter, space and nature. the space, now, not ideal, proceeds being a organize category of the empiric world that is cognoscible, where the geography is qualified as the space science, starting from a metaphysical reflection about nature and the earth rising this way, the bases for a geography philosophy in the modernity.


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