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Sociologias  2012 

é possível uma sociologia do sujeito? Uma abordagem sobre as teorias de Foucault e Touraine

DOI: 10.1590/S1517-45222012000100011

Keywords: sociology of the subject, social theory, contemporary society.

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this research essay analyzes the theoretical concepts of the notion of "subject" in the works of two french intellectuals, touraine and foucault. this comparative approach seeks to establish a relation between the convergent and the contrasting aspects of their social theories, on the purpose of reflecting on their contributions to the comprehension of contemporary society, especially concerning individuals' subjectivation processes. for this purpose we chose the last works in the scholarly trajectory of these intellectuals. touraine as well as foucault offer theoretical contributions to a sociology that does not resort to the great historical phenomena, but puts the efforts of the subjects within their social micro-relations on the stage, considering their cultural, economic, political and personal contradictions.


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