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Patogenicidade de Verticillium lecanii ao pulg?o-do-pinus

DOI: 10.1590/S0100-67622004000500017

Keywords: entomopathogenic fungi, biological control, forest pest.

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the objective of this work was to evaluate the pathogenicity of the entomopathogenic fungus verticillium lecanii isolate ibcb 473 to the aphid cinara atlantica (hemiptera: aphididae), insect pest in pinus spp plantations. the trials were conduced in a completely randomized design, treatments with 5 repetitions, and each repetition consisting of one petri dish (9 cm of diameter) containing 10 nymphs. suspensions adjusted to concentrations of 1,0 ' 106; 0,5 ' 107; 1,0 ' 107; 0,5 ' 108 e 1,0 ' 108 conidia/ml were tested by spraying 1ml over the nymphs. sterilized water was used as control treatment. the petri dishes were maintained at 25±1°c, 70±10% rh and 12-hour photophase. the evaluations were carried out daily, recording the individual mortality of each treatment. the best concentration was 1,0 x 108 conidia/ml with mortality of 86,0% after five days. lt50 for each concentration was 5,82; 5,24; 4,60; 4,34 and 3,83 days, respectively.


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