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Utilidad de las formulaciones Vimang? en pacientes con osteoartrosis de rodilla

Keywords: osteoarthrosis, gonarthrosis, pain, vimang?, mangiferin.

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osteoarthrosis (oa) is the most common form of arthritis and localization in the knee is common. symptomatic slow acting drugs for osteoarthritis include antioxidant agents as possible modifiers of disease progression. vimang? is a registered brand name that covers several formulations of mangifera indica l., used for its antioxidant, antiinfl ammatory, analgesic and immunomodulatory properties. the aim of the present study was to determine the analgesic activity of vimang tablets and cream in patients with knee oa and identify possible posttreatment functional improvement. a further aim was to characterize the effects of vimang on the synovial infl ammation (effusion and proliferation) associated with this entity using ultrasonography. ten patients from hogar santovenia with a clinical-radiological diagnosis of knee oa were studied. mean daily pain scores on an 11-point likert scale were 4 or higher in the week prior to treatment initiation. the western ontario and mcmaster universities (womac) osteoarthritis index was evaluated in the initial consultation and at the end of the study. ultrasonographic examination (aloka device 1100 with a 7.5 mhz transducer) of the soft tissue of both knees was performed. the patients were randomly assigned to three groups. group 1 (n = 3) received a daily dose of 1,800 mg/day (tablets), group 2 (n = 4) received 900 mg/day (tablets) and group 3 (n = 3) received a combination of tablets 900 mg/day and vimang cream 1.2%. the tables were administered in three daily doses every 8 hours and the cream was applied three times per day every 8 hours on the affected knee. treatment duration was 3 months. satisfactory analgesia was achieved in all patients from days 15-21 until 3 months. this effect was at least partly related to the decrease in synovial effusion observed in most affected joints and was independent of the reduction in synovial thickness observed on ultrasound. both effects, the increase and decrease in synovial thickness, wer


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