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Physicochemical characteristics of Hymeneae courbaril gum

Keywords: physicochemical characteristics, seed gum, hymeneae courbaril.

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hymeneae courbaril, wild plant located in venezuela, produces a clear gum at seed level, which is very soluble in water. it was determined analytical characteristics of this gum., general analytical data, proximate analysis, dietary fiber content, mineral composition, and amino acid composition. classic analytical methods for characterization of the gums; hplc and atomic absorption spectroscopy were used. the gum contains galactose, glucose, arabinose and xylose. it also contains a high proportion of dietary fiber content (73.75%) and calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. in addition, the gum has relatively high protein content (6.62%). tannins, alkaloids, cyanides and toxic metals were absent in the gum. the physicochemical characteristics of the gum from hymeneae courbaril may suggest its possible use as additive in food industry; therefore, it would be interesting to study the food functionality of that gum.


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