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Composición química y tamizaje fitoquímico del polvo de hojas y reto?os del Anacardium occidentale L. (mara?ón)

Keywords: anacardium occidentale, cashew tree, chemical composition, phytochemical screening.

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introduction: the chemical composition and phytochemical screening of a medicinal plant can define its benefits. the literature covers information about these determinations on the fruit of anacardium occidentale l. but little information was found about its leaves and shoots. objective: to determine the chemical composition and phytochemical screening in the leaf and shoot powder from anacardium occidentale l. methods: bromatological composition, some carbohydrates, saponifiable material, phytosterols, minerals, fatty acids and phytochemical screening were determined in leaf and shoot powder from anacardium occidentale l., using techniques approved by the ministry of public health, official methods of analysis, gas chromatography, atomic absorption spectrophotometer and high-performance liquid chromatography. results: the leaf and shoot powder from anacardium occidentale l. showed an acceptable content of dry matter, crude protein, beta-sitosterol and stigmasterol. saturated fatty acid and monounsaturated octadecenoic, gadoleic larger amounts were detected in the powder. there was a significant concentration of potassium and manganese trace mineral. in the phytochemical screening, the ether extract showed no alkaloids, the coumarins and quinones were detected in the ethanol and aqueous extract, respectively. anthocyanidins, triterpenes or steroids and tannins were observed in the ethanol extract. also, in both extracts (aqueous and ethanolic) flavanoids and saponins were detected. conclusions: according to the chemical composition and the presence of beneficial secondary metabolites, it is recommended to study the use of leaf and shoot powder from a. occidentale in humans and animals as a nutraceutic or therapeutical agent.


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