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Tumor odontógeno adenomatoide en región mandibular

Keywords: mandibular tumor, adenomatoid odontogenic tumor, benign neoplasm.

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the adenomatoid odontogenic tumor is an uncommon neoplasm derivative of the odontogenic epithelium containing canalicular structures with inductor modifications of variable intensity in the conjunctival tissue. it is a slow growth lesion and no much invasive but that may to be similar to other odontogenic lesions more aggressive including the dentigerous cyst and the ameloblastoma among others. its classical location (upper canine area) guides us to diagnosis and its duct histological pattern is very typical of this tumor. other tumors included in this group are the ameloblastic fibroma, the ameloblastic odontoma, the calcified odontogenic cyst and composed and complex odontomas. this group of lesions may or not to have formations of hard tissue inside. thus, authors present the case of a patient presenting with this type of tumor making a histopathology study, a literature review on this benign odontogenic tumor and its clinical radiographic features, treatment, as well as the differential diagnoses to be into account.


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