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Adsor??o de metais pesados após calagem superficial em um Latossolo Vermelho sob sistema de plantio direto

DOI: 10.1590/S1806-66902012000100001

Keywords: soil acidity, adsorption, rhodic hapludox.

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there are few researches about control of soil acidy and adsorption of heavy metals in no-till system (nts). the aim of this study was evaluate the cadmium (cd), nickel (ni), copper (cu) and zinc (zn) adsorption in a rhodic hapludox, clayey, without and with surface liming (4.5 t ha-1) under nts. the experiment was established in ponta grossa, pr, in 1998. after 10 years, soil samples were collected to adsorption study. doses of 0 to 180 mg l-1 of cd and ni, and of 0 to 180 mg l-1 of cu and zn were added, in competitive systems. after the equilibrium, the quantity of heavy metals was measured. surface liming increased soil ph in all studied layers, resulting in improve of cu, zn, cd and ni adsorptions, mostly in the superficial layer. moreover, surface liming changed dynamics of heavy metals in soil, being an efficient strategy to minimize environmental problems associate with cd, ni, cu and zn in nts.


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