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The use of N-alkanes to estimate intake and digestibility of coastcross-1 and Arachis pintoi mixed pasture Uso de N-alcanos para estimar o consumo e a digestibilidade da pastagem de coastcross-1 consorciada com "Arachis pintoi"

Produ o de forragem e desempenho animal em pastagens de coastcross consorciada ou n o com Arachis pintoi, com e sem nitrogênio = Forage Production and Performance Animal in Coastcross Intercropping or not with Arachis pintoi, with or without Nitrogen

Root biomass and organic reserves of coastcross intercropping or not with “Arachis pintoi”, with or without nitrogen, under grazing Biomassa radicular e reservas organicas em coastcross consorciada ou n o com "Arachis pintoi", com e sem nitrogênio, sob pastejo

Structure and nutritive value of Coastcross -1 and “Arachis pintoi” mixed pasture, with or without nitrogen fertilization Estrutura e valor nutritivo da pastagem de Coastcross -1 consorciada com "Arachis pintoi", com e sem aduba o nitrogenada

Produ o e qualidade de massa de forragem nos estratos da cultivar coastcross-1 consorciada com Arachis pintoi com e sem aduba o nitrogenada = Forage mass production and quality in coastcross-1 pasture layers, mixed with Arachis pintoi with or without nitrogen fertilization

Produ??o animal e valor nutritivo da forragem de pastagem de coastcross consorciada com amendoim forrageiro

Produ??o de forragem e componentes morfológicos em pastagem de coastcross consorciada com amendoim forrageiro

Produ??o e qualidade do pasto de coastcross consorciado ou n?o com amendoim forrageiro com ou sem aplica??o de nitrogênio

Production and quality of coastcross conserted forage groundnut under nitrogen fertilization and different grazing layers Produ o e qualidade da consorcia o de coastcross com amendoim forrageiro adubada com nitrogênio em diferentes estratos sob pastejo

Características produtivas e qualitativas de pastagem de braquiária em monocultivo e consorciada com estilosantes


Produ??o de novilhas de corte em pastagem de Coastcross-1 consorciada com Arachis pintoi com e sem aduba??o nitrogenada

DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982009000100016

Keywords: animal performance, forage mass production, grazing cattle, stocking rate.

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this trial was carried out to evaluate forage mass (fm), daily accumulation rate (dar), forage offer (fo), stocking rate (sr), arachis pintoi percentage (app), average daily gain (adg) and gain per hectare (gph) of beef heifers under grazing in coastcross-1 and arachis pintoi mixed pasture during different seasons, from july 2003 to june 2004. the treatments were: ca0 = coastcross + arachis pintoi without n; ca100 = coastcross + arachis pintoi with 100 kg of n; ca200 = coastcross + arachis pintoi with 200 kg of n; and c200 = coastcross with 200 kg of n, distributed in a randomly block design, with two repetitions. pasture management was done through continuous grazing with variable stocking rate, using crossbred heifers with three test animals per treatment. the fm was 2641, 2431, 2760 and 2704 kg of dm/ha for ca0, ca100, ca200 and c200, respectively. treatments presented similar dar (66.12 kg of dm/ha) between pastures, with higher production in the summer, followed by spring and autumn, which were not different from each other, and the winter with the lowest value: 108.6; 71.7; 54.2; 30.6 kg of dm/ha, respectively. in the ca0 treatment, the highest fo and the lowest sr were obtained (4.0 au/ha). the highest sr and lowest fo were observed in treatments with nitrogen fertilization, without difference among them. the app in the mixture was higher in the spring, and for the ca0 treatment, with visual estimations were always higher in function of the lower dry matter percentage of this legume. for adg was higher for ca200 and c200 treatments in relation to ca100 and ca0 with values of 0.51, 0.51, 0.42 and 0.38 kg/day, respectively. the gph were above 1000 kg/ha/year and the summer presented the highest gain (221.4 kg/ha).


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