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Incorpora??o de microrganismos, aminoácidos, micronutrientes e reguladores de crescimento em sementes de alface pela técnica de peliculiza??o

DOI: 10.1590/S0101-31222006000300006

Keywords: lactuca sativa, coating, microbiolization.

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seed coating is a technology that allows incorporation of additive to the seeds, without change its size or form. the coating technique is a strategy that guarantees high seedling emergence in the field, gain in productivity and better aggregation of agricultural inputs to the seeds. thus, this study had the objective of evaluating the effect of the incorporation of antagonistic microorganisms, mycorrhiza, amino acids, micronutrients and growth regulators through the seed coating technique on the quality of lettuce seeds. the seeds were coated with two types of polymer that were applied together with antagonistic microorganisms (trichoderma viride, trichoderma polysporhum, trichoderma stromaticum, beauveria bassiana, metarhizium anisopliae), mycorrhiza, amino acids, micronutrients and growth regulators according to the methodology proposed by the manufacturer. the germination percentage and emergence, the emergence speed index, the number of plants, the dry mass of aerial and root parts and the height of the seedlings were evaluated. microbiolization of the seeds with the mixture of microorganisms trichoderma viride, t. polysporhum, t. stromaticum, beauveria bassiana, metarhizium anisopliae and mycorrhiza negatively affected the quality of the lettuce seeds. the inoculation of lettuce seeds with trichoderma viride and growth regulator increased the percentage and the seedling emergence speed index.


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