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Comportamentos de risco e vulnerabilidade entre estudantes de Educa??o Física

DOI: 10.1590/S1415-790X2007000100013

Keywords: risk behavior, vulnerability, physical activity, drugs, condom, students.

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the aim of this study was to identify health-related behaviors of physical education students. therefore, we surveyed 448 students of both genders. the instrument had questions about the practice of regular exercise, the use of condoms during sexual intercourse, the use of both legal and illegal drugs, stress on the job, and hours of sleep. the main results are as follows: (a) the rate of physical inactivity is low in comparison with the general rates in the population; (b) the average values of physical exertion is classified as "somewhat intense" on the borg scale; (c) 39.4% of the participants reported job-related pain; (d) 58.7% did not use condoms during sexual intercourse regularly; (e) alcohol was the most frequently consumed drug; cigarettes and marijuana are also commonly used; and (f) 19.2 % of respondents admitted using or having already used anabolic steroids. one concludes, then, that physical education undergraduates, although they are students of a health-related area, adopt behaviors that do not necessarily suit a healthy lifestyle.


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