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Composi??o, abundancia e riqueza de Calliphoridae (Diptera) das matas e clareiras com diferentes coberturas vegetais da Base de Extra??o Petrolífera, bacia do Rio Urucu, Coari, Amazonas

DOI: 10.1590/S0085-56262010000200010

Keywords: brazilian amazon, blowflies, oestroidea, neotropical region.

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this research was carried out in the oil extraction field located in urucu river basin, coari, state of amazonas, brazil, during the months of april, june and october of 2007. a total of 16 areas were sampled, 12 of them were gaps and four forests, arranged in four environments (gaps litlle-recovered, gaps semi-recovered, gaps well-recovered and preserved forest). a total of 7,215 calliphorid flies was captured belonging to 16 species and only one species, chloroprocta idioidea (robineau-desvoidy, 1830), represented 88.06% of this total. the abundance patterns of the family were not different among the environments, however they were different for the following species: eumesembrinella randa (walker, 1849), hemilucilia semidiaphana (rondani, 1850) and paralucilia adespota dear, 1985 the estimated richness was significantly different between the environments and showed two groups: i, gaps litlle-recovered (c1) and gaps semi-recovered (c2); ii, gaps well-recovered (c3) and preserved forest (mt).


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