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Ontogenetic events in androgenesis of Brazilian barley genotypes

DOI: 10.1590/S0034-71082000000200016

Keywords: anther culture, doubled haploids.

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this paper describes a simple procedure for obtention of barley (hordeum vulgare l.) doubled haploid plants from brazilian hybrid genotypes. anatomical and histological examinations showed the reversion of barley pollen to an sporophytic mode of development. a sequence of mitosis led to the formation of multicellular pollen grains. regeneration of plants occurred either by direct embryogenesis or callus formation followed by differentiation through direct embryogenesis or organogenesis. plants were formed in the same medium used for induction dispensing an additional regeneration step. this procedure makes doubled haploid production simpler and faster. plantlets were transferred to another medium for rooting and after that planted in pots with vermiculite and nutrient solution.


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