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Caracteriza??o de minérios: uso do Magstream-Model 100, suas vantagens e limita??es

DOI: 10.1590/S0370-44672002000100011

Keywords: characterization, magstream model 100.

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this paper discusses the importance of mineral characterization as a support to understand their behavior in mineral processing and in the control of the processes and quality of the products obtained. also presented is a brief review on the main techniques used in minerals characterization, including the procedures for minerals separation from an ore. special attention was given to the technique of mineral separation from an ore according to their specific gravities using a device called magstream-model 100. it is shown that the magstream process, which involves the use of a magnetic fluid as a medium for mineral separation, a magnetic field and a rotation speed system, offers advantages compared to the heavy liquids technique. however, the magstream process leads to changes on mineral surface properties, imparting to them different flotation behaviors. this fact is considered a limitation for its use when further studies with the minerals involve surface properties.


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