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Nov 09, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Competency Based Nursing Curriculum: Establishing the Standards for Nursing Competencies in Higher Education

Olfat A. Salem, Ahmad E. Aboshaiqah, Murad A. Mubaraki, Isabelita N. Pandaan
Competency is the basic standard for all healthcare professionals when providing care to recipients. The practice of good nursing begins primarily in the study of the nursing program and in the preparation of a nurse with high efficiency in nursing skills. This paper presents the concept of nursing competencies for Saudi nursing and its importance in implementing the national transition program 20/30, and the nursing comp

Oct 22, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Classroom: A Space of Pedagogical Interaction

Carmen Aparecida Cardoso Maia Camargo, Marcio Antonio Ferreira Camargo, Márcio Ferreira de Carvalho, Clere Ventura Costa Oliveira
Classroom is a socially instituted space of pedagogical intervention. This article aims to analyze how the interdisciplinary dialogue between teachers, in the classroom and outside of the classroom, in order to approach theory and practice in the teaching knowledge. It is part of a research project developed in 2017 in a Community Course, in the city of Passos-MG, Brazil. Based on a qualitative approach, there was an e

Oct 15, 2018Open    AccessArticle

The Role of Branding on Educational Performance in the Egyptian Private Universities

Amel Rashwan, Ayman Shawky, Mohamed A. Ragheb, Alaa A. Bary
This paper aims to investigate the role of branding in achieving a good perfor-mance level for Egyptian universities. It explains the value of impact of each dimension of the Branding, which are: Design, Communication and Feedback, on Performance, represented in Alumni, Employment and Learning Efficiency. Regression analysis and SEM were conducted and results show that none of the Branding dimensions significantly affects Learning

Sep 30, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Design and Development of High School Artificial Intelligence Textbook Based on Computational Thinking

Yanfang Yu, Yuan Chen
Big data and deep learning technology have once again set off a boom in artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has been a major development strategy in many countries. The Chinese government has also written this into the “13th Five-Year Plan”, and the Ministry of Education has also launched with the reform measures for artificial intelligence education, the deep integration of “artificial intelligence education” has b

Sep 28, 2018Open    AccessArticle

A Fusion of the School Arithmetic and the School Algebra

Milosav M. Marjanovic
In this paper we present our views on algebra as a school subject. To say pre-cisely what is the content of this subject, the language of abstract algebra has to be used. Accordingly, this content consists of the establishing and application of the properties of operations in the system of natural numbers which are then carried over to the extended systems. In the last of these extensions—the set of rational numbers, these propert

Sep 19, 2018Open    AccessArticle

An Animal-Assisted Intervention’s Influence on Graduate Students’ Stress and Anxiety Prior to an Examination

Christi Williams, Kristen Emond, Kara Maynord, Julie Simpkins, Allie Stumbo, Traci Terhaar
Introduction: Roughly 10% - 30% of the United States’ population is known to suffer from some form of anxiety. The majority of those who struggle with anxiety have their first experience before 21.5 years of age, which falls within the age range of many college students. Since stress and anxiety can lead to difficulty with concentrating and memory, they can have significant effects on a student’s academic performance and success.

Sep 11, 2018Open    AccessArticle

A Contrastive Study of English and Chinese Empty Categories

Jing Yang
This thesis makes a comparative study of English and Chinese empty categories on the basis of Government theory, Binding theory and Control theory. The thesis aims at probing into the overall properties of ECs of the two languages as well as digging out the syntactic and semantic representations in English and Chinese ECs. It also has some reference value for second language acquisition.

Aug 31, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Research on Kohlberg’s Theory and Practice in China

Qian Zhang
Since 1980s Kohlberg’s theory of moral cognitive development has great influences on Chinese moral education. The Chinese scholars introduced Kohlberg’s theory into Chinaand made some theoretical comments first and then made some empirical research in Chinese schools and universities. More and more empirical and cross-cultural research results jointly made by both Chinese and Western scholars have been published since the beginnin

Aug 22, 2018Open    AccessArticle

An Eco-Translatological Study on Shuhui Yang and Yunqin Yang’s Translation of Sanyan

Lin Tian
Eco-translatology emphasizes the harmony and unity of various components in the translational eco-environment, and holds that translation is not a static but a dynamic activity. Thus, it’s not one specific translation strategy or technique that plays a decisive role in the translation process, but the flexible selection of the translator who is at the central position in the eco-environment. Within this framework, the present pape

Aug 14, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Didactic Transposition for Inferential and Analogical Thinking, Reasoning and Transfer of School Knowledge for Societal Context-of-Use

George N. Nditafon, Emmanuel Noumi
This study demonstrates the effectiveness of Klopfer’s taxonomy and a candidate hypothetico-deductive thinking and reasoning theory of didactic transposition, in teaching critical thinking skills, analogies and transferability of knowledge for problem-solving now and for the future in the experimental sciences. It was conducted in four socio-cultural zones of Cameroon involving 307 high school students (166 English-speaking and 14